Three Bad Behaviors That Can Be Stopped With Dog Obedience Training In Rockville, MD

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Veterinarians

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Owning a dog is very rewarding, and these animals provide companionship to their owners, but there are times when dogs won’t behave or listen. Dogs are very smart and, when they’re trained by a professional, they learn manners and how to behave. Dog owners who are considering dog obedience training in Rockville MD for their pet should read the information below to learn three behavioral issues that can be stopped with professional training.

Nonstop Barking

Many dog owners want their dogs to bark when someone knocks on the door or pulls into the driveway, but some dogs will bark at anything and everything. When a dog barks, it’s important for the dog to listen to the owner when a command is given to stop barking. Dogs that continue to bark even after they’ve been told to quit will definitely benefit from obedience training.

Destroying The House

This bad behavior is common when dogs are left alone for prolonged periods. Dogs often get bored when their owners are away at work, and this can lead to chewing up items in the house. Dogs will chew on shoes, articles of clothing, furniture, and doors. Knocking over the garbage can and rummaging through the trash is another common behavior of bored dogs. Through obedience training, dogs learn that this type of behavior is unacceptable.

Pulling On The Leash

When some individuals take their dogs on a walk using a leash, they often feel as if the dog is walking them. Dogs that constantly pull on the leash and walk where they want to go is another intolerable behavior that can be fixed through obedience training. This behavior is often difficult for individuals to control especially when walking a large dog. Not only it is frustrating for the owner, but it can also become dangerous if the animal darts out into the street and the owner is powerless to stop the pet. By scheduling Dog Obedience Training in Rockville MD, this unsafe behavior can be stopped.

The Groomery offers professional dog obedience training for all types of behavioral issues including constant barking, destructiveness, and leash pulling. Browse our website to learn about all our services and for contact information.

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