Three Benefits of Using a TENS Pain Relief Device

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Health

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A TENS pain relief device can help you to get your pain under control and get back to living a fuller, richer life. Pain management is not well understood although it is often studied but there are some tenets that are never disputed like the effectiveness of a TENS machine.

The Three Main Benefits

A TENS pain relief device offers three main benefits to those that suffer with pain conditions:

1. Short/long term pain relief
2. No harmful side effects or dependency issues
3. Restore circulation

You can get both immediate and long term pain relief from using this type of unit to treat chronic pain conditions. There is not a limit to how many times you can use the device because there are no harmful side effects associated with using it. There is no concern for developing a dependency on the unit like there is with chemical pain management control models. There is even some indication that using this machine can actually help to restore proper circulation to extremities in the case of diabetic nerve damage.

Who Can Benefit?

There are many situations where a TENS device can provide relief. Here are a few areas where TENS can help:

* Low back pain
* Disc degeneration
* Neuropathy pain
* Diabetic nerve pain
* Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

The benefit of using this device to treat all of the above has been well documented through extensive research.

Get Help

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