Three Nasty Plumbing Problems Caused by Cold Weather

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Plumbing

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As autumn approaches, you might be looking forward to dropping temperatures and fall foliage. Though these are certainly wonderful, the impending cold can pose several problems for outdoor plumbing in Skokie. In order to avoid such complications, you should invest in regular maintenance and plumbing service to keep plumbing running smoothly. This can help detect any issues and prevent them from developing into long-term problems. Even with regular maintenance, though, you should be on watch for these common causes of damage.

Frozen Pipes

Outdoor plumbing in Skokie can be subject to snow and low temperatures when seasons change. One of the risks this poses is frozen pipes. When the water main has high water pressure and is exposed to freezing temperatures, it can result in the pipe freezing over partially or completely. If you notice symptoms such as restricted water flow or difficulty achieving water flow at all, this may be an issue. A professional plumber can treat it and restore your pipes to regular working order.

Water Line Break

If frozen pipes go untreated, they can eventually result in a break in the water line. This is a major issue that can, in turn, cause damage to any foundation or structure they run under. Even without freezing pipes, however, colder temperatures can cause heightened water pressure that impedes flow and puts a water line at risk of breaking. If you detect this problem, a plumber can resolve it by draining the pipe’s water and restoring normal service.

Restricted Water Drainage

Sometimes, if snow accumulates on the ground near a sump pump, the snow can block the drainage area. When the discharge line is obstructed, it can become frozen or flow can be slowed down dramatically. When temperatures drop, it’s best to have a plumbing keep an eye on your outdoor plumbing in Skokie. This can prevent many of the major problems that might arise.

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