Three Uses for a Garden Canopy You May Not Have Thought Of

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Home Improvement

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Ideal to provide protection from the sun and showers, most people appreciate the added convenience which a garden canopy can bring to home entertaining and al fresco dining. A great way of enabling guests or family to spend hours outdoors without worrying about the damaging effects of UV rays or the misery of rain, canopies are a common sight in backyards across the country. Intriguingly, garden canopies also have a number of other functions which are less well-known but equally effective. Detailed below you’ll discover three exciting ways your canopy can give added value.


Car owners will be well aware of the damage which excess UV radiation and unwanted moisture can cause to the bodywork of their vehicle, not to mention the frustration of finding unwelcome bird droppings on previously pristine paintwork. A canopy is an affordable and effective way of protecting cars, motorbikes and trucks from the worst of the weather. While a more permanent structure is needed for the most severe weather conditions, there’s no reason why a canopy can’t offer a great option for parking during most of the year.

Home Office

New technology and changing work patterns mean 9-5 office based working is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. A growing number of Americans are choosing to work either partially or completely at home, using the Internet to keep in touch with their employer and clients. Where the climate permits, many people are opting to work outdoors, using a garden canopy to provide the comfort they crave. Not only is the yard or garden a wonderfully peaceful location in which to work, it also removes the distractions of television, household chores or paperwork which can all too easily side track home workers.

Tool Store/Workshop

There are many occasions when you need an easily accessible storage area which isn’t going to be a permanent fixture; perhaps you’re working with plants which need a temporary home, or are building a new shed or out building but require somewhere to safely leave your tools and materials when you’re taking a break. A garden canopy not only offers an excellent storage option, it can also easily be moved from place to place, giving you a readymade shelter conveniently close to where your project is taking place.

Aesthetically appealing, extremely functional, easy to use and effortless to maintain, it’s little wonder why a garden canopy has become a popular choice with so many home owners. Unlike many temporary structures, canopies are usually exempt from zoning laws, which makes them a cost-effective alternative to other storage and shelter options. Amazingly versatile and attractive, a garden canopy from a reputable supplier, such as Canopy Mart, makes a useful addition to any outdoor space.

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