Through Dentistry in Waikiki People Can Have Their Tooth Injuries Repaired

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Seo Basics

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Unfortunately, tooth injuries can occur at any age. When a person’s teeth are injured, they can experience serious pain and tooth loss. It is crucial people see their dentist as soon as they notice an injury so they have their tooth repaired through dentisry in Waikiki. When the dentist is able to fully examine the patient, the right treatment can be put into place so a person finds relief from their pain. The sooner an injured person sees their dentist, the better the chances of them being able to save their tooth.

Though there are many different types of tooth injuries that may occur, there are some more common than others. Cracks to the teeth can often occur as a result of the pressure and force that are placed on the teeth during biting and chewing.When cracks occur, they are typically easy to repair through Dentistry in Waikiki. The dentist will first smooth down any protruding or sharp areas of the break. The tooth can then be filled with a special filling material that seals off the crack and makes the tooth stronger and less likely to be damaged.

If a tooth is broken, the dentist will not be able to put the broken piece back in place. Instead, the dentist can smooth any jagged areas and then fill the tooth as it would be filled during cavity treatment. Filling the tooth not only seals off the nerve but also makes the tooth much stronger so it is able to resist damage from normal chewing and biting functions. In many cases, the dentist will also decide to cover the tooth with a crown to help shield it from further damage.

Those who are interested in learning more about tooth injury repair can visit The dentist has many options for treatment so a person can avoid tooth loss. Dentists can even treat a tooth that has been knocked from a person’s mouth so it can be reseated. Call the office and ask them to schedule you a consultation so you can get started on treating your smile. Through regular dental care, your smile can look more beautiful than ever before.

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