A Timeline of Modern Psychology – How Did We Get Here?

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Health

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Psychology is a well-known practice today, but it hasn’t always been that way. Let’s take a look at an abbreviated timeline of some of the major events that have led science and medical professionals to today’s understanding of the brain.

The First Laboratory of Psychology Opens

Opened in 1879, the first psychological laboratory was created by Wilhelm Wundt in Germany. This effectively established psychology as both a science and an academic pursuit. The first American laboratory of the science wouldn’t be created for another four years.

The First Psychology Degree Comes Before the First Professor

In 1886, the first ever doctorate degree in the field of psychology was awarded at John Hopkins University. It wouldn’t be until two years later that the nation’s first professor of psychology was awarded his title, which he used to teach students at Columbia University.

The Beginning of Psychological Practice

In 1892, the American Psychological Association was founded. Four years later, the first psychology clinic was opened with the intent to service patients afflicted with mental health conditions. Understanding of these conditions – even among the medical community – was still very poor, and many patients were wrongly diagnosed or did not receive treatment, at all. However, the APA would not establish ethical practice standards until 1953.

Moving Forward

Over the next fifty years, psychological practices grew and developed along with the culture of the time. Social norms have greatly affected the science, as have new findings about how the mind works and how other humans effect the way our brains develop. Psychology has led to advancements in education as well as many other areas of medicine.

What was once a study shrouded in mystery is now a well-known medical practice that helps millions, every day. Today, psychology services are readily available all over the globe. For patients in the Royal Oak, MI area, providers like Horizon Help Group provide counseling and mental health services to those of all ages. From teens to the elderly, everyone needs someone to help them sort things out, once in a while. Contact a psychologist in your area today, and see what today’s science of the mind can do for you.

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