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Tips for Filming with a Drone in High Winds

Tips for Filming with a Drone in High Winds Posted on May 3, 2018

The optimal weather to film with your drone is when it’s moderately sunny and the temperature is nice. However, sometimes you want to film when the weather may not be perfect. Maybe it’s cold outside or the wind is whipping through the trees. You can still enjoy your time outside with your drone, but it may take a little more care and preparation to do so.

Filming while Raining or Snowing

Before we talk about how to film on days that are windy, it’s worth explaining that you should avoid flying your drone in the rain or snow. Even if you have an iPad mini hood for your controller and think the drone will keep up fine in moisture, it can cause major harm to your drone. Snow may not cause as much harm but it usually isn’t optimal. It can also make filming harder since the white over the landscape looks the same everywhere.

Wind Without Rain

Most of the time, high winds are going to be present when it’s already raining or storming. However, there are always exceptions to this. In some cities, the wind may be a common staple of weather, no matter the condition of the skies. Some drones will do poorly in the wind, especially those with small motors. However, the more high-quality drones can do okay. Some of the most common drones used for filming in the wind are the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Inspire 1 and the Yuneec Breeze.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are a whole new set of things you’ll need to pay attention to when you film in the wind. It can be a fun experience, but you should expect to be kept on your toes while you are learning. Your drone motors are going to be required to do more work to stay up when the wind is fighting against the drone. It can also make your batteries drain quicker than usual. However, the more you fly in the wind, the better you will get at handling these new challenges.

Wind as a Feature

Once you’ve moved beyond simply learning to fly and film, you can find ways to glide in the wind and use it to your advantage. It can help with grabbing smooth, amazing shots that aren’t available any other way.

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