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Tips On How to Maintain Your Micro Distillery Equipment

Tips On How to Maintain Your Micro Distillery Equipment Posted on June 1, 2017


A quality distilling product requires that you keep your micro distillery equipment clean and in mint working condition. If you own a copper still, it can last a lifetime if you take proper maintenance and care. It won’t take a lot of time and effort to keep it clean. Whether it is a copper still or mash equipment, you can get your distilled product in the best quality by observing these few maintenance and care tips:

First, ensure no physical damage or build up of copper salt

Your distilling equipment is going to wear out fast if you allow salt to build up. Again, if it is damaged, make sure you have it repaired. Cleaning the salt deposits is easy. You can use vinegar solution in the ratio of 1:1 with water.

Just add some gallows of the water and vinegar solution and allow it to boil for about an hour. After that, rinse the still using clean water and then scrub, but with a non-abrasive brush. You may also want to use the powdered brewery wash (PBW). This alkali cleaning product is ideal for the stainless steel distillation equipment.

Cleaning the fermenters

It is important that you clean as well as sanitize your fermentation equipment. With cleaning, it will help remove the soil that has accumulated on the surface. Sanitizing, on the other hand, takes care of microbes that may be present on the surface and it ensures they are of safe levels.

You will find that when mash has fermented, it is put into the still and there will be lees and trub left in the fermenter. The large mouth fermenters and buckets tend to be easier and quicker to lean. The plastic or glass carboy may be cleaned using a carboy brush, but you need to be patient when cleaning.

Let the equipment dry

When you have cleaned the distillation equipment, you want to allow them to dry in air. With the carboy, you may want to place it upside down. In case of the buckets and big-mouth fermenters, you can wipe them down using a scrub brush or rag and dry using a towel. You also need to store the equipment in a dry place.

Using clean micro distillery equipment will ensure that you have a superior distillation product. It however requires that you learn the tips of cleaning the equipment.

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