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Tips On Installing An Overhead Garage Door In Scottsdale AZ

Tips On Installing An Overhead Garage Door In Scottsdale AZ Posted on February 7, 2019

If a homeowner wants to install a garage door instead of calling a Neighborhood Garage Door Service, they can certainly do it, but they will need a few tools and the help of a friend. By following these simple tips from experts, they should be able to complete the job with little to no issue. Here are some top tips on how to install an Overhead Garage Door Scottsdale AZ.

Measure Away

Before buying any panels, it will be necessary to take measurements of the length and width of the opening for the door. The panels will need to be just slightly smaller than the actual opening by about 1/4 inch. After the panels are purchased, pick one to be the bottom one and place a piece of rubber weather stripping along the edge of it. Any of the panels can be chosen as the bottom one but once the weather stripping is applied, this will need to be placed first.

Secure The Hardware

The next step is to secure the brackets on both sides of the door. This can be done with a cordless screwdriver. The hardware being used will all have come in the garage door kit. Next, it will be necessary to call on a friend. They will need to help position the panel so it is centered. The hinges will need to be screwed to the top of the panel. Do this until all hinges are in place. After they are, insert the rollers. The next step to installing the Overhead Garage Door Scottsdale AZ is to wrap the rollers around the wheels and then screw the track in to place along the frame.

Repeat Until Finished

Using the other panels, repeat the process, minus the weather stripping, until all panels are securely in place. Once all door panels are in place, it will be necessary to install the horizontal tracks. This is done the same way the vertical ones were installed except a friend will be needed to hold them in place.

Click Here for more information on garage door installation. If the job seems to be a bit too much to take on, the professionals can have the door installed in no time at all.

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