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Tips For Paver Patios in Brookfield WI

Tips For Paver Patios in Brookfield WI Posted on September 25, 2017

While it is true there are many things a patio can be fashioned from, few patios are more beautiful than those made from pavers. Not only are they beautiful, but paver patios in Brookfield WI are a low-cost option and extremely easy to maintain. Here are a few tips and tricks pertaining to paver patios that one may want to know before installing them.

Dig Deep But Call First

While the digging should be deep when installing the pavers, make sure to call the utility company or 811 to have all electrical, plumbing, and cable lines clearly marked. This can prevent absolute disaster when digging. After the marking is completed by said companies, dig deep enough to clear any roots of surrounding vegetation. This is usually about 6 inches. If the soil where the digging will be done is naturally dry, make sure to water it the night before. This will moisten the soil ans make it easier to dig into.

Keep The Weeds Out

Lay down landscaping cloth to place a barrier between the old soil and the fresh sand which will be used to lay the pavers. This also prevents weeds from taking hold and potentially damaging the pavers prematurely. To calculate the square footage of cloth needed for the job, multiply the length of the area by the width of the area and then add 10%.


While it is certainly necessary to have level Paver Patios in Brookfield WI, the homeowner will also want to plan for drainage. The patio will need to slightly slope away from the foundation of the home. The slope needs to go towards an area that is capable of handling excess water or that is already a drainage area. Plan on about 1/4 inch of decline for every two feet of distance.

Make Sure They Are Set

Set the pavers in place by packing sand over them and between them until the cracks are completely filled in. This prevents weed growth and allows for better drainage.

Contact us for a quote about paver patio installation. Why take on a big job when the professionals can handle it with ease?

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