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Tooth Whitening in Orange, CT: How to Get the Brightest Smile

Tooth Whitening in Orange, CT: How to Get the Brightest Smile Posted on March 1, 2016

Tooth whitening in Orange CT is the fastest and easiest way to look younger, healthier and more attractive. Stained teeth are a common problem for most adults. The yellow residue on teeth is left behind by medications, tobacco and many food and drinks. Over time, it can build up to a level that will reduce the quality of a smile, even on perfectly straight and otherwise beautiful teeth.

The exciting part of tooth whitening is that it is fast and pain-free. The products used by dental practices are able to produce even faster results than those sold on store shelves. Once the teeth are properly whitened, it is much easier to maintain a bright white smile.The important point to remember is that even though it can be done at home without professional assistance, it is necessary to make certain the mouth is healthy and that the teeth are not over-whitened. Teeth that are bleached too often can become oversensitive and make it difficult to eat or drink comfortably.

Generally, a dentist will perform a traditional cleaning first to get the teeth prepared for the whitening process. Since tooth enamel is porous, it is not possible for them to clean away all of the stains with a dental cleaning, but they can eliminate any of the surface stains to make whitening faster. Whitening bleaches the set-in stains away. A dentist will make certain the teeth and the gums are healthy before this is done, to ensure that there is no pain or damage to the mouth.

Laser whitening is another service that many dentists use. It is a more expensive, but a faster method that can dramatically reduce a number of time people need to spend to get the level of whiteness they want. With a laser, the results can be experienced in as little as 30 minutes, but whitening gels may need to be used consistently for a week or two to reach the same level.

Tooth Whitening in Orange CT is no longer a unique service that only a few people want. It has become a basic part of the good dental care that helps to make certain everyone has a smile that makes them proud. Visit us to learn how easy it can be to wipe away years of stains.

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