Top 3 Features for Your Custom Home

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Home Improvement

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When you build a custom home, there is nearly no limit to the number of fascinating and innovative features you can choose. Here are four useful elements you should consider adding to your new living space.

Extra Outlets

You probably already plan to include a number of outlets along the walls. Why stop here? You may find electrical outlets useful in a variety of innovative locations. Add outlets to closets to recharge appliances while they are being stored. Extra outlets on the porch can allow you and your family to bring your electronics outside to work or play while enjoying a beautiful evening.

Storage Space

When you move into a new home, so will all of your belongings. These things may take up a surprising amount of space. Adequate storage is one of the most important keys to keeping your home looking clean, organized and beautiful. Consider adding storage space in creative hidden areas. Stairs can double as pull-out drawers. Your bathroom can hold cleverly hidden cupboards to store extra linens. You will never regret adding extra storage space to your new custom home.

Increased Comfort

There are several features you may consider adding to your home in order to increase year-round comfort. Do your toes freeze when the weather turns cold? Think about adding heated floors to keep your family warm and cozy on the coldest autumn nights and the briskest winter mornings. Installing outdoor ceiling fans can help you get outside to enjoy your porch, deck or patio even on summer evenings that are warm and stuffy.

A Home Built for You

Your finished home should be designed to perfectly fit the needs and preferences of you and your family. With skilled contractors and a bit of imagination and design help, there is nearly no limit to the useful, beautiful and innovative features you can add to your new custom home.

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