Top Benefits of Auto Service Shop Software

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Computers

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Many auto repair shops are using auto service shop software to ensure customer satisfaction. These sophisticatedly designed auto software are beneficial in a number of ways including adding simplicity to customer services, improving repair shop management, gathering customer feedback and improving auto service shop productivity. Here are the top benefits of auto service and repair shop software.

Gathering Customer Feedback

Customer feedback ensures improved productivity by tracking customer complaints and immediately responding to them. Auto service shop software helps you to stay in touch with your customers, gather their feedback and improve your service for boosted brand reputation.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

A majority of the customers want to hear from their service providers in the form of updates or queries. But auto service and repair shop software does more than that. You can send pictures of their vehicles in updates, provide maintenance and repair record, and provide updated charges and fees table to win their trust.

Convenient Shop Management and Improved Productivity

Auto repair and service software are designed to make all services easier at both ends. The customers can make online payments or track the record of their previous payments. On the other hand, the owners can identify betraying customers by tracking the record of their previous payments and send balance sheets for payments. In auto service and repair software, you only need to enter the customer details for once and all. It saves a lot of time and effort as personal details of repeat clients is already available in their previous record.

You can also schedule services and vehicles to the technicians. The managers can monitor and manage teams of technicians, electricians and mechanics at a time and assign them duties with the help of software. You can also upload workshop lectures in auto service and repair software for better learning of the employees. It helps improve productivity and win the trust of customers.

In-House Technical Monitoring

For owners with one or more auto service shops, it is often difficult to keep a record of all shops. CCTV installments and footages can only help in monitoring the shop. For service updates, new customers, individual employee performance, shop performance history and related information, the owners can simply use auto service shop software.

It also helps the owners and shop managers to technically manage the shop operations and monitor individual services and performance of each employee to improve productivity.

Advisory and Reports

An auto shop using auto repair and service software can send reports directly to the customers. Scheduling helps the customers know when their vehicle will be fully prepared for taking it back to roads. The software allows uninterrupted communication with the customers which you can use to recommend related services and give suggestions.

Apart from these services, you can also offer free price quote services to the customers with the help of auto service shop software. Technological upgrading of your auto service shop can not only help you improve your productivity and revenue but will also help you win the trust of your customers. For more details contact eGenuity.

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