Turning Temporary Positions Into Permanent Opportunities With Job Seeker Services in Wichita KS

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Seo Basics

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Jobs for administrative assistants and other general office workers can have a lot of competition. When someone is experiencing difficulty getting hired, Job Seeker Services in Wichita KS can help. One effective strategy for the candidate is to accept temporary assignments, which often lead to a job offer. Many companies use this method to find employees without having to advertise, sort through dozens or hundreds of applications and conduct interviews. Instead, they let a staffing organization match up open positions with qualified workers, and later offer workers permanent positions if those individuals have proved to be a good fit. Sometimes those jobs are permanent ones that an employee has left, and other times the position itself is temporary, but the worker will still receive a job offer for a different position.

Some temporary office positions are short-term, such as filling in for an employee on maternity leave. Others are long-term and can even go on indefinitely. A manufacturing plant might need supplemental staffing to handle the clerical details for an expansion, for example, but those positions are not considered permanent. Nevertheless, temporary employees are typically welcome to apply for open positions elsewhere in the company. They have the inside scoop on job opportunities and a competitive edge over outside applicants.

Job Seeker Services in Wichita KS also have opportunities known as temp-to-hire assignments. With these positions, the company has the intention to hire people for specific jobs and wants to avoid the application and interviewing process. Human resources managers have learned that hiring new workers through staffing agencies is worth the fees they pay to those agencies, as it saves the company a great deal of efforts and money that would otherwise be spent searching for the right candidates.

Some individuals are skeptical that anyone ever is offered a permanent position using this strategy. They might want to speak with someone at an organization such as The Arnold Group to learn more about the possibilities. The organization can verify their track record of success in helping clients find permanent work in their field of interest, even if those clients had significant difficulty with this goal before.

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