Two Good Reasons to Consider an Early Childhood Education Program in Whatcom County, WA

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Education

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When many parents first looked their new children in the eyes, they knew right then and there that they would do anything to make those children prosper in life. From that fateful moment on, they worked night and day to give the children everything they needed to grow and thrive, from excellent foods to great education. However, some parents fail to consider the benefits associated with an early childhood education program. In fact, many parents had no idea these programs even existed until too late to enroll their children. By educating themselves about the program, they quickly discovered it to be the best option for their developing children and they enjoyed many benefits for their children.

Faster Development

By the age of one, about 70% of the brain has already developed and 90% of the brain has developed by the age of three. During these early years, children utilize their experiences and surroundings to provide a foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health. For this reason alone, parents choose to enroll their children in an early childhood education program in Whatcom County, WA.

School Preparation

An early childhood education program offered children the chance to learn in a structured environment similar to the environment offered at schools. Once they took these classes and then moved onto the first grade, they found it easier to adjust to the setting. In fact, children who took part in early childhood programs thrived in school and were faster in learning the important skills that they needed to move forward. No matter if your child just turned one or has just a couple years left until he or she starts school, you can still enroll him or her.

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