Understand What the Cut of a Diamond Means

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Jewelry

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The cut that is used to style and shape a diamond is important, as it affects the style or design that the diamond ultimately takes on. The cut of diamonds often gets confused with the shape, but they are two distinct things. The cut refers to the symmetry look of the stone’s surface. The cut of a diamond has a tremendous impact on the final look and shine of the stone.

In order to make the most of the diamond’s natural material properties, there are a number of cut styles that have been developed to maximize the size and natural luster of the stone. Diamond cutters consider the shape of the raw stone as well as its size when choosing a cut. Most gems were once cut by hand, but now with new advances in technology they are cut with precision lasers which give more precise cuts and a better shine. Some diamonds have a very simplistic and basic cut, while others will get into a fancy category of classification because they have a much more intricate and detailed cut.

All gemstones are graded once the cut and polish phases are finished, so they can be assigned a cut grade, which goes a long way in determining value. The higher grade of cut the more perfect and symmetrical the cuts are, and the clearer and brighter the surface areas will be. This all plays into increasing the value of the stone. Some countries have different standards for cuts and grades, so this is why you should always check to see where your diamond is from.

During the process of cutting a diamond, the expert gemstone cutter naturally will want to get the heaviest diamond they possibly can from the raw stone they are cutting. However, this may result in a lower quality stone because the cuts are not properly proportioned for the sake of getting the most diamond out of the cut. If a diamond has a cut that is too deep or too shallow, the light will not reflect properly and the luster and shine will be reduced greatly. This will lower the value of the stone.

Cutters are walking a constant line of compromise between ending with the heaviest weight they can get from the stone, while maintaining good proportions and symmetry. For this reason, it is possible to compare two diamonds of equal weight, and one will appear larger than the other and may have a more brilliant shine. This is also why similar stones can have vastly different price tags when you start comparing diamond rings at jewelers like The Carat Room.

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