Upkeep for Swimming Pools in Overland Park

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Business

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Swimming pools are permanent or movable structures used for recreation, therapy, and aesthetic appeal. These water-filled containers requires proper maintenance to retain functionality and longevity. Implementing the following tips and guidelines will enable people to successfully preserve the integrity of your their swimming pools in Overland Park.

To maintain a pool, it’s helpful to make a checklist of regular and intermittent tasks to be performed. Put this list in a place you can see it regularly so you won’t forget to do the tasks. Also, seeing tasks finished will give you a sense of accomplishment and encourage you to continue further upkeep.

To start maintenance on a swimming pool, view the condition of your pool every few days. When needed, use a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer to remove insects, debris, leaves, grass, and other unwanted materials from the pool. These items can accumulate and interrupt the operation of the pool’s circulation system. Also, these substances can bring filth and disease. This entails using additional chemicals to keep the pool sanitary.

After you have skimmed the pool, scrub the sides and bottom to lessen algae and calcium deposit build-up. The tool you use for cleaning will depend upon the material the pool is made of. Tile should be handled carefully to prevent scratches and damage to grout. Use a soft brush or sponge-like device for this task. Other materials can handle stiffer brushes. Next, vacuum the pool. Perform this task like you would vacuum the flooring of your home. Vacuum in overlapping strokes to cover all areas.

There are some tasks you engage in on a regular basis. Every one or two weeks check the pH level in your pool. This can be done using test-strips or reagent kits. A reading between 7.2 and 7.8 means there is a balance of alkalinity and acidity in the pool. At this time, ensure that the water in the pool does not fall below an appropriate level. If you have any questions about swimming pools in Overland Park, talk to a professional like the ones at Banks Blue Valley Pool and Spa Designs of Overland Park for all your pool service needs.

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