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Uses of a Sustainable Seafood Delivery Service

Uses of a Sustainable Seafood Delivery Service Posted on March 5, 2018

Seafood is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a healthy and lean protein. However, there can be other factors that come up when deciding to indulge in these foods. Many seafood species aren’t sustainable, thanks to overfishing. This causes problems as we continue to eat large amounts of things like tuna, sea bass, and halibut.

Consumer Preference
One of the problems is that many people want to eat things they are already comfortable with. That means that over 50% of the seafood consumed by Americans is salmon, shrimp, or tuna. The other common seafoods are pollock, crab, tilapia, catfish, and cod. Most of these are imported into the United States.

Selecting Sustainable Sources
When looking for sustainable sources of seafood, you can look at local vendors. In some areas of the country, this is an excellent way to get fresh, tasty seafood from workers in your own community. However, this isn’t an option for everyone. Those who live in land locked states may not have access to these types of resources. This is where fresh seafood delivery comes in as an alternative.

Choosing Seafood Delivery
There have long been companies that ship seafood to the best restaurants across the country. Some of these companies now sell that seafood to the everyday consumer. In addition, with the advent of seafood delivery making its mark across the states, other companies are offering their wares online. You can get fresh seafood delivery from New Orleans, Boston, and California with a few clicks of your mouse.

Asking the Right Questions
To be sure that you are selecting a company that truly offers sustainable seafood that you can feel good about eating, asking questions is important. You should ask questions about where the fish are coming from. How are they being raised? Are they farmed or wild seafood? By asking these questions, you can be set at ease with the company and their products.

Putting It Together
Sustainable seafood delivery is a modern convenience that can have a positive effect on seafood and those who enjoy it. You can try new foods and purchase those you already love without being concerned about the effect you’re having on the aquatic world.

Fresh Seafood Delivery
Louisiana Crawfish Co. has a wide selection of seafood and other local foods ready for delivery across the country. Some of our products include crawfish tails, Cajun meats, and even King cakes. To learn more or place an order, you can reach us at 800-221-8060.

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