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Using Air Conditioner Repair in Elgin

Using Air Conditioner Repair in Elgin Posted on August 5, 2020

Doing routine maintenance to a central air conditioning system is very important so it continues to run properly. Most people will tend to their air conditioning systems at the end of their summer usage. This is a great time to prepare it for the following season.

First, the condenser should be completely cleaned out to remove any debris that may be present. Turn off the condenser by shutting down the power completely before starting any maintenance work. The panel is usually located on the exterior of the home next to the unit. Next, remove the cover to the condenser and take a look inside.

Use a shop vacuum with a soft-bristled brush to remove any debris from inside. Be careful not to bend the fins during this process. Wipe down the fan blades with a mild detergent. Spin the fan while doing this so all debris from within the motor will also be removed. The condenser should be covered when it will not be used for a long duration. This will keep dirt and pests from getting inside.

In the home, the evaporator portion of the central air conditioning will also need cleaning. Often the coils are covered and unable to be accessed without the help of an Air Conditioner Repair in Elgin. If this is the case, call for service and have the entire system checked over for any problems. If the area can be accessed, use a vacuum in the same manner as the condenser to remove any debris.

The tubing that connects the evaporator to the water pump should be removed and rinsed with warm water. Allow this to dry thoroughly before replacing it. This will remove debris and help eliminate the chance of an algae buildup. The water pan should be dumped out and cleaned with bleach to minimize the risk of mold.

When someone needs to speak with a service dealing with Air Conditioner Repair in Elgin, they can Contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. Someone would be available to answer questions about air conditioning maintenance and an appointment can be scheduled for repair service if needed.

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