Using Medical Telemedicine To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

by | Dec 24, 2021 | Healthcare

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Amid the pandemic, many people are left wondering how to obtain a medical marijuana card without the risk of visiting a doctor’s office. Fortunately, in Ohio, you can now use medical telemedicine to consult with a certified physician and receive a recommendation for your card.

Complete The Online Form

You do not need to worry about providing an in-depth medical history to start the process. All you have to do is log on to the medical telemedicine website and complete an online form. You will need to provide a brief description of the reason you are applying for a card.

Schedule An Appointment

Once you submit your information, you will be contacted to schedule your medical telemedicine appointment in Ohio. Most physicians in Ohio will be able to schedule your appointment within a week.

Qualify As a Patient and Apply for Your Card

During your telemedicine appointment, the physician will evaluate your symptoms to determine if you qualify to become a medical marijuana patient. If so, the recommendation will be sent so you can begin the application process for your card.

The final step is to log into the registration website with the credentials you are provided. There, you will be able to complete the registration for your medical marijuana card and pay any required fees.

As soon as you receive the approval email, you can visit a local dispensary and purchase medical marijuana. You do not have to wait for your official card to arrive.

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