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Visit a Pet Boutique Phoenix MD to Pamper Your Furry Friend

Visit a Pet Boutique Phoenix MD to Pamper Your Furry Friend Posted on September 30, 2016

Just like their owners, pets need a little pampering and special care. An upscale Pet Boutique Phoenix MD provides a fun way to spoil your dog or cat with natural supplements, detailed grooming services, and high-tech laser treatments. Whether you have an older, arthritic dog or a terrier pup that needs a trim, a boutique offers superior care that is not available at most big-box pet stores.

Professional Pet Grooming

Bathing a pet at home or trimming its nails can sometimes be stressful. Some dogs tend to misbehave more around their owners than with strangers. A professional pet groomer has the expertise and skill to bathe and clip pets in a quality, efficient manner. Though some dogs may enjoy a long bath, most prefer the process to be as fast and stress-free as possible. An appointment with an experienced groomer is like a trip to the spa for a pet.

Provide Pain Relief for Older or Injured Pets

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching a pet suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, hip dysplasia or other debilitative injuries. While traditional pet medications can provide some relief, they also may result in unwanted side effects. Laser treatment is a new type of therapy for pets used to treat ongoing pain and acute injuries. Lasers have the ability to penetrate damaged tissues, reduce and eliminate pain, and promote healing.

Board Your Pet in a Comfortable Living Environment

If taking your pet on vacation isn’t possible, a relaxing facility that offers the comforts of home is the next best choice. Pets can become stressed or ill when their daily routine is greatly altered. An indoor kennel that offers cozy bedding and comfortable temperatures will make the stay a little more enjoyable. A Pet Boutique Phoenix MD that provides extended care will usually allow an owner to bring their dog’s own food. This is ideal for pets with restricted diets and to help prevent stomach upset.

Companion Animal Care Center offers a calm, relaxing environment for you and your pet. Their caring staff provides individualized attention and treatment in a professional environment. To learn more, visit online for further details about their services or to browse their natural pet care supplies.

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