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Visit An Oral Surgery Practice In Short Hills, NJ

Visit An Oral Surgery Practice In Short Hills, NJ Posted on December 30, 2014

Oral surgeons are dentists that have surgical training. In fact, it takes up to twelve years of schooling for these dedicated professionals to hang out a shingle. Oral surgeons perform special operations on the mouth, face and jaw. One of the most common procedures is wisdom tooth extraction. Most people have four wisdom teeth and they are the last teeth to erupt or come through the gum. Sometimes, these molars are impacted and cannot erupt through the gum. In this instance, the teeth must be surgically removed. Patients with impacted wisdom teeth usually get infections that cause a lot of pain.

An Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills NJ performs a variety of procedures including facial reconstruction. Car accidents are a major cause of facial skeletal abnormalities. As a result, surgery, known as orthognathic surgery, is often necessary. Patients may have dental problems as well, including malocclusions or a bad bite. This is considered major surgery and must be done in the hospital. Often, oral surgeons perform this surgery with an orthodontist. The team tries to repair the bite and correct any facial imbalances. Often, it is necessary to re-position the upper and/or lower jaw. Sometimes, the jaws are wired together for six to eight weeks. Screws may be used to hold the jaws in their new place to make sure the patient heals. For more information, visit the website.

Additionally, the professionals at an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills NJ help patients with temporomandibular joint disorders or TMJ. These type of problems are caused by disorders in the joint of the jaw. Issues may stem from muscles, tendons or nerves. Symptoms include jaw pain, inability to open or close the jaw, and clicking and popping in the jaw. In addition, patients with TMJ may have painful headaches. The oral surgeon tries to find the problem using x-rays or an MRI. Treatment plans may include physical therapy, medication or prescribed dental devices. Surgery is the last resort after all other treatment options are exhausted. People with regular jaw pain should not suffer needlessly. Consult an oral surgeon and find the source of the pain.

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