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Doing Weed Control in Edmond, OK To Keep Dandelions At Bay

Doing Weed Control in Edmond, OK To Keep Dandelions At Bay Posted on February 12, 2018

When dandelions are present in a yard, it is likely the homeowner will want to take effective steps in having them removed. There are several methods that will aid in Weed Control in Edmond OK to keep dandelions from growing. Here are some ways the dandelion population in a yard can be reduced.

Allow For Some Shading To Occur

When a lawn is kept extremely short, dandelions are more likely to thrive, as they grow well in sunny areas. It is best to allow for some shading in a yard to keep these weeds from growing as easily. If there are no trees or structures providing shade for a yard, grass blades can help to keep the ground covered. This will require that more frequent lawn mowing sessions occur as the lawn will need to be clipped to the required length without growing too long during each session.

Use Hot Water To Kill Dandelions

If dandelions are already present in the yard, using hot water can be beneficial in killing them so they do not multiply. A pot of boiling water can be used to pour water directly on the weeds noticed. They will wilt, making it unlikely they will be able to reproduce.

Pick Dandelions Carefully

Dandelions can be removed by hand if necessary. It is best to grasp each weed near the root area and pull up firmly yet carefully so seeds do not disperse in the process. Alternately, a weed puller can be used to jar the weeds from the ground so the roots will be removed in the process. If dandelions are picked without the root being removed, they can grow back again in the same area. A professional landscaping service can be hired to assist with the removal of dandelions if desired.

When there is a need to find a service that provides effective measures for Weed Control in Edmond OK, calling one known for their competitive pricing is best. Contact Trinity Lawn Care LLC today to find out more about the many services they provide for customers or to make an appointment for an evaluation of a property.

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