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What Are the Advantages of Electroless Plating?

What Are the Advantages of Electroless Plating? Posted on August 25, 2021

Electroplating is very important for heavy industries, but it is costly, which is why an alternative is needed. Electroless plating is that alternative that has all the features of electroplating but a lower cost.

Heavy industries can save a lot of money if they opt for electroless plating and say goodbye to electroplating for good. You can gain a lot of short- and long-term advantages by opting for this type of plating.

Corrosion Resistance

Both electroplating and electroless plating offer corrosion resistance. But with the latter, you get better corrosion resistance. The reason behind this is simple. With electroplating, the thickness of the coating is not consistent. When the coating is thin in some places and thick in other places, it won’t offer good protection against corrosion. But if you go for the electroless coating, you will get consistent thickness and higher corrosion resistance.

Lower Costs

Low-quality coatings cost you more because they don’t remain effective for a long time. But if you get good quality coatings, you can easily save money. Since you will get consistent and better coating with electroless plating, you will be able to save money. The low cost of electroless plating is its biggest advantage. Not only is the plating itself cost-effective but it can also help you save money by making sure that the coating remains useful for a long time.

Irregular Shapes

When it comes to this type of plating, you don’t have to worry about the shapes of the metal that you need to get coated. Electroless plating has the ability to plate all kinds of shapes. It can cover even the hidden corner of a spare part.

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