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What Do You Do When You Hear The Sound Of Fire Alarms In Newport, Wales?

What Do You Do When You Hear The Sound Of Fire Alarms In Newport, Wales? Posted on November 20, 2014

It doesn’t really matter where you are but, let’s say you are in Newport in South Wales and, one day, you hear a loud wailing of sirens or ringing of alarm bells –what is your first reaction? Do you try to block out the sound? Do you rationalise that it is either a false alarm or one that is already being dealt with (by someone)? Or, do you stop whatever it is that you are doing and either get on your mobile phone or find a call box so that you can call 999 and notify the authorities that an alarm is going off?

Unless you are connected with the premises where the fire has broken out (as owner, employee, security guard, etc), the odds are that you will not be taking prompt action the instant that you hear Fire Alarms In Newport. This highlights a root problem with alarms that simply make a noise and do nothing more.

An exception to this would be the alarms that are setoff manually by someone present at the location where the fire is starting and they pull the lever, break the glass, push the button or whatever deliberately to summon assistance from and notify other people on the fire threatened premises. In a Newport factory during working hours, this method is effective in instigating early action to get the fire under control before it can spread. Of course this is only applicable if someone is there to set off the alarm manually.

Sometimes, It’s Almost Better If There Is No Sound
Since audible alarms require someone’s presence to both to hear them and to take necessary action, what happens at night or during holidays when no one is around to hear an alarm? A better monitoring and action system is required. This is where automatic Fire Alarms In Newport come into their own. The alarm will have a sensor to detect smoke, heat, products of combustion and other indicators of fire. Once sensed, a signal will be sent to a control box which can be programmed to take required action – such as notify the nearest fire station. These days, the communication system will utilise wireless internet technology. The alarm message might also be sent to the owner of the premises or to a professional monitoring station proved by the company that installed the alarm system. With such Fire Alarms In Newport, the sound has less importance than the message being transmitted.

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