What Do You Really Need In Your Next Digital Weight Indicator

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Having the ability to not only have information from the scales in your production line fed into your processing systems online but also displayed at the scale is important in most applications. With the right digital weight indicator, it is possible to have high visibility, convenient placement and controls right at your fingertips.

There are several different makes and designs in any model of digital weight indicator. There are also several manufacturers, so comparing options and determining which is right for your current system or which can be fully integrated with your existing scales and online controls will be essential.

Understanding what you need, or what functions you may need in the future, is always an important first consideration. If you are replacing an existing digital weight indicator, this may be the time to upgrade to a more advanced model that offers you the features an older model may be lacking.

Display or Not?

For processes where information will be transferred directly to a PC, PLC/PAC or a DCS over a network there may not be the need for an elaborate number of functions or a display.

These systems, which can be single-scale or multi-scale in design, can be a front end weight controller for the system, or it can simply be a stand-alone system. With a stand-alone scale, the display will be important but it is often optional if used as part of system.

Functions on the Indicator

The basic functions at the digital weight indicator should be those that will be needed on the spot. This can include the ability to automatically and electronically calibrate the scale right from the indictor, as well as standard buttons to allow for reset or the adjustments of different aspects of the scale and the controller.

Of course, the actual screen size and shape will also be an issue, particularly in processing areas where space is at a premium. In this case, look for a digital weight indicator with a very small footprint that can also be easily installed close to or further away from the scale. Some offer installation up to 100 feet away from the scale, making configuration much less of an issue.

Take the time to look around at the various digital weight indicator models and designs before choosing a replacement or a new device. This will give you a good overall idea of the possibilities and how they will integrate with your current system.

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