What does a commercial plumber do?

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Plumbing

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Residential and commercial plumbers both deal with pressure pipes and waste drains, the difference is, a commercial plumbing services in Salinas CA are far more demanding. Installing a plumbing system in a commercial establishment such as a large shopping center entails far more work; there are many bathrooms, drinking fountains, etc throughout the mall, not to mention the number of unique plumbing tasks associated with kitchen and food service areas.

Commercial plumbing tasks:

The first priority when dealing with any commercial plumbing is to ensure that the building has both a water supply and a sewer network. Once the exterior work has been completed the team can begin the task of installing what can be thousands of feet of pipe, the installation of numerous toilets, sinks, drinking fountains, not to forget the all important fire sprinkler system. In many cases, especially in establishments preparing and serving food there is a need for hot water heaters. During the work the plumber must ensure that everything is done in compliance with existing codes and all work is conducted in a safe manner.

Plumbing emergencies:

There is no such thing as a plumbing emergency that does not need quick attention. The primary difference between a plumbing emergency in the home and one in a commercial establishment is disruption of business and commerce. This additional dimension requires even more attention to emergency callouts.

Those involved in offering commercial plumbing services in Salinas CA are also adept at working with facility engineers, developing an effective program of preventative maintenance. A well thought out program can save a considerable amount of time and money, more than paying for the cost of the program over time. Part of the preventative maintenance program can include the cleaning of grease traps as a way to prevent blocked drains.

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