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What Does a Safety Technician Do?

What Does a Safety Technician Do? Posted on September 5, 2017

Are you considering attending a school to become a safety technician? Are you planning on obtaining a becoming certified for this position? Are you interested in hiring a safety technician to examine your office or industrial building? There are a few different paths that an individual may take in order to end up working as a safety technician. Whether you are interested in a job that utilizes you’re your oral communication skills or your computer abilities, holding a position as a safety technician may be a job that you want to look into. Safety technicians can perform a variety of jobs from inspecting workplaces, creating layouts to promote safety, and testing job locations to be sure that it is a safe spot and the employees understand safety orders. Safety technicians can work in a variety of industries such as mining, government, and large companies.

Job Duties

Safety technicians can be given a variety of orders including filling out forms based on gathered information and create reports based on work accomplished. Safety technicians can work in a variety of industries as well, providing them with opportunities to work in completely diverse settings with a wide range of jobs.

  • Mining gives individuals jobs by allowing technicians to test air within the mines.
  • Those working for specific industries can observe conditions in each working environment and evaluate them.
  • When waste is being disposed or a building is being constructed, technicians ensure that these procedures are being done efficiently and correctly.


A safety technician can participate in on-the-job training or study at a program to obtain an associate’s degree. You can also be certified by organizations out there to inform you about the necessary safety processes. Though in some cases, becoming certified may require an associate’s degree in a program of safety, health, or a similar program. You can also obtain a Bachelor’s degree in a program such as physics or engineering.

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