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What Everyone Should Know About An Automatic Transmission

What Everyone Should Know About An Automatic Transmission Posted on July 4, 2015

Most people today don’t know a lot about their cars and how they operate. In reality, there is little need to know all the ins and outs of your vehicle. Having a general idea of how an automatic transmission should work and sound is important, however, as it can alert you to early signs of possible problems.

The Basics of an Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission in your car works to change gears as the driver applies the gas or when the vehicle is moving up or down an incline. This is important since the engine has to operate at a specific speed and torque to provide the necessary power to keep the vehicle moving.

There are a lot of parts in an automatic transmission. If any of these parts, from the impellors to the gear sets or the electronics happens to stop functioning, there will be a ripple effect through the rest of the transmission. Even something as simple as a loss of fluid from this sealed system is a red flag there is a problem.

Shifting Strange

One of the first things you may notice when you have a problem with an automatic transmission is the shifting is no longer fluid and smooth. It may seem very jerky, or it may seem to go randomly into and out of gears.

It may also be very difficult to get the vehicle into gear. It may seem to hang when you put the vehicle into drive, and you may have to rev the engine before the transmission engages and you start to move forward or backward.

Noises from the Transmission

Hearing noises when the vehicles shifts, including whining and buzzing noises, is a red flag there is a problem. You may also hear noises when you have the vehicle in park or neutral. This is not as common in automatics as in standards, but once you hear these bangs or bumps, you should immediately get your vehicle in for service.


There should not be leaks of transmission fluid at any time or from any vehicle. Leaks accompanied by a brown looking fluid, rather than red, especially when there is a burning smell are particularly problematic.

One of the best ways to address any transmission problems is to take it to a transmission specialist. It may be a simple fix, or you may need to have your tranny repaired, rebuilt, or replaced.

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