What Happens If You Skip Out on Bail Bonds in Shelton, CT?

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

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Bail bonds are intended to help those who are arrested to secure their release from jail until their hearings are completed. This is very helpful for many people, but there are some who take advantage of the bail bonds in Shelton, CT and disappear so they do not have to risk going to jail. This is called skipping out on bond and can lead to serious consequences on top of the charges the person is already facing.

Consequences for the Person Who Obtained the Bond

When someone obtains a bond, they must pay a percentage of the full bail amount or use collateral to secure the bond. If they use collateral, the value must be greater than the full bail amount. If the arrested person does not show up for required hearings, the person who obtained the bond will either need to pay the remaining percentage or will forfeit their collateral. This can be extremely expensive, depending on the bail amount or the collateral used.

Consequences for the Person Who Was Arrested

The person who was arrested faces numerous penalties if they do not attend their hearings or do not follow all of the terms of the bond. As soon as the bail company is notified, they will lose their bond and a bench warrant will be put out for their arrest. This means that if they are found, they will immediately be arrested and sent to jail. They will need to remain in jail until their hearings are completed as they will not be able to get another bond.

Avoiding These Consequences

The arrested person must follow the terms of the bond to avoid these consequences. The main one to be worried about is the requirement they attend all of their hearings. There may also be other terms that can have similar consequences to skipping out on bond, such as if they’re arrested again while they’re out on bail.

If you would like to look into bail bonds in Shelton, CT to help a loved one, make sure you understand the consequences and discuss them with the person you’re helping. When they understand the potential risks of skipping out on bail, it’s more likely they’ll take the bail seriously and attend their hearings. Browse our website now to learn more about bail bonds or to get help today.

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