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What Happens When Plumbing Leak Detection in Corona, CA Goes Unused?

What Happens When Plumbing Leak Detection in Corona, CA Goes Unused? Posted on October 12, 2016

A commercial or residential property’s water system is something that should undergo regular inspection for damage. Pipe bursts and leaks can lead to abnormally high water bills and water damage, so if plumbing leaks or damage are suspected, it’s time for professional plumbing leak detection.

Water pipes may seem durable, watertight and airtight on the surface, but shock and significant pressure can damage them. Water lines can get damaged by construction-related activities, which can lead to gushes of water that will flood the property.

Water Damage Caused by Plumbing Leaks

While the idea of water intruding on a property seems more like a nuisance than a crisis, it is a serious matter that may require emergency plumbing leak detection in Corona, CA. Water damage is a problem that tends to progress, so the longer it is left, the worse it will get. Some issues that water damage can cause include:

*     Mold growth – when water leaks occur, mold tends to thrive undetected until it forms colonies that release new spores into the air, resulting in respiratory and skin irritations. In severe cases, the mold can turn black and become toxic, causing serious health concerns.
  *     Destruction of the structure – water corrodes metals and weakens the wood. Most structures rely on these two principal materials, and when water damage sets in, costly reconstruction work is inevitable.
    Fire hazards – when a home or business owner fails to undertake regular plumbing leak detection, water from leaking water lines can seep into areas where there are electrical wires. Any openings in the wire’s insulation that come into contact with water will create sparks and potentially cause a fire.

Pipes that leak under the floors can result in water seeping up but remaining concealed if carpets cover the crawl areas. Water will weaken the backings of the carpeting, causing wear and tear. The carpets then become a breeding ground for fungi, dust mites, and germs.

Sb Resource Box: Flooding can cause serious damage to everything from rugs, carpets to floor joists. The key to restoration is ensuring that every potential threat has been eliminated for future long term damage. Contact emergency plumber for water damage restoration service.

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