What Opportunities Are Available At The Local Family Restaurant In Laurel, MS?

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Restaurant

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In Mississippi, local restaurants provide the right setting for a fun family night. They provide a variety of menu choices to please the most finicky of diners. They also offer a fun and friendly atmosphere for the families to enjoy. A local Family Restaurant Laurel, MS offers these great options for regional residents.

Reviewing the Menu

Families start their meal off with marvelous appetizers. These appetizers include egg rolls, crab cakes, oysters, and cheese curds. They provide hefty portions for families to share if they prefer.

Next, the restaurant provides excellent selections on their soup and salad menu. These choices include tomato basil. roasted beet salad, gumbo, and the house salad. Each choice is prepared fresh daily to provide delicious choices for families.

Entrees include steaks and a plentiful selection of amazing choices. They include glazed quail, BBQ chicken, organic roasted chicken, and baby back ribs. These entrees come with a choice of two sides.

What Specials are Available?

New specials are available specific day of the week. Currently, Monday’s special includes red beans with rice garnished with andoulle sausage. On Tuesday’s, families may acquire country fried steak with lima beans, and mashed potatoes. Wednesday’s special is a hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. Thursday’s special is crawfish etoufee made from scratch with the diner’s choice of side.

The On-site Bakery

The bakery offers specialty cakes and desserts. Patrons can order these goodies ahead of time to acquire them quickly. This includes specialty birthday and wedding cakes. Patrons who are planning a party may acquire these desert choices for their party as well.

Planning a Special Event or Conference

The local family restaurant also offers event room reservations. These options are great for parties and corporate events. The restaurant caters the event and provides unlimited menu selections for these activities.

In Mississippi, local restaurants provide extraordinary options for families. They provide delicious menu choices loved by the whole family. They also offer speciality services for parties and special events. These restaurants have private dining options for patrons who want to book their event room as well. Patrons who wish to acquire a memorable night out with the family should go to a local Family Restaurant Laurel MS or visit Website Url for more information.

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