What to Consider Before Purchasing Case Erectors for Your Warehouse

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Always looking to find ways to improve the packaging system in your warehouse, you may have considered case erectors in the past. Their addition to your packaging service will provide several advantages to your organization which will need to be compared to the cost of purchasing the machinery to decide whether it is an effective purchase for your packaging process and which machine you should choose.

Who Prepares Your Packaging?

Where your employees are currently preparing your cases and cartons after they have been delivered flat packed to your warehouse, you will quickly understand that the installation of case erectors will be an enormous labor saving device.

You will be able to deploy employees to different areas of your warehouse and remove some of the tremendously tedious work that they previously were required to complete.

After selecting the right size machine for your processes, that can fit your warehouse and are close enough to your stock of flat packed cases; you will quickly get used to receiving tightly sealed cases that are exactly square and ready to take your products before they are passed on to your shipping department.

The machines work particularly fast, and the changeover from products to cased products is far quicker than the old manual systems.

You will find that you can dramatically increase your production levels and where you have automated your entire system, your throughput will help boost the possibilities of increased profit margins.

You will be able to choose from a variety of case erectors machinery. Some are simple and straightforward and offer an easy operation with very few decisions to make.

At the other end of the scale, you can choose machinery that is full of memories so that you can input all your potential packaging information and the machine can quickly be adjusted to present the best boxes to the correct size of products.

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