What to Expect After an Air Duct Cleaning in Union County, NJ

by | Mar 1, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

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One day the homeowner happens to notice a little black ring around some of the air vents. That serves as a reminder that it has been a long time since the air ducts were cleaned. Fortunately, a local service is free to come out tomorrow and take care of the air duct cleaning in Union County NJ. Here are some of the things that the homeowner will notice almost immediately.

The House Smells Better

Being a tidy person, the homeowner is used to dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing everything on a regular basis. Even though, the home would often have a stale scent that would not go away. Once the air duct cleaning in Union County NJ is completed, the owner will notice that the stale odor has gone away. That’s because the ducts are not free of whatever dirt, grime, and another residue was present. That sense of freshness will last for several months, something that the owner and anyone else living in the home will appreciate.

Less Nasal Congestion

Contaminants that are trapped in duct work do more than produce less than pleasant scents. They can also irritate bronchial systems including the nasal passages. For some people, this leads to feeling some degree of nasal congestion. What was assumed to be some sort of allergic reaction to pollen could simply be the result of breathing in any of the contaminants carried into the home by means of the forced air. Once the air ducts are cleaned, and the residue is no longer entering the space, the nasal congestion will decrease.

More Efficient Heating and Cooling

Anything that impedes the progress of the forced air through the system decreases the efficiency of the unit. It also causes the unit to work harder in order to deliver the air to each room. Once the collection of residue is out of the air ducts, expect the system to work more efficiently. There is also less chance of parts wearing out before their time.

For any homeowner who cannot remember the last time the air ducts were cleaned, contact us today and make an appointment. The cleaning will not take that long, and the benefits make it worth every penny.

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