What to Expect from a Wedding DJ in NJ

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Weddings

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DJ’s are a standard sight at weddings for entertaining guests and creating a memorable experience, but not all DJ’s work to the same standard. Some may not appreciate the type of music you want for your event, which can cause a large disappointment after months of wedding planning. Here are some of the things you should expect from your wedding DJ and things you should look out for while you are planning your wedding:

1. Personal Service
A professional company such as Limelight Entertainment displays on their website their commitment to getting to know couples and what they want, rather than playing the same playlist at every wedding. They also understand that wedding planning is stressful and aim to take as much of the burden for the entertainment side off the couple as possible. This is the level of customer service and satisfaction you should expect from your wedding DJ.

2. Appropriate Noise Level
The Knot says that one of the most important considerations your DJ should make is the noise level they will use, as not all guests are comfortable with a loud DJ. The music you use for dancing will be different than what you use for informal chats over meals. Your venue might also have some restrictions or time limits on how loud or how late you can play music.

3. Accurate Quote
Nobody wants to be stuck with unexpected high bills after their wedding, so be sure to get an accurate quote from your DJ beforehand. Check whether they charge by the hour or for the whole night and if they need an additional fee for setting up.

The right DJ can make or break a wedding party so you need to ensure you find the best DJ you can for your wedding, or for any event. Look for someone who can give you an accurate quote, good customer service, and the music you choose and you will make your wedding memorable and fun for everyone.

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