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What to Expect From Stamped Concrete in Brookfield, Wisconsin

What to Expect From Stamped Concrete in Brookfield, Wisconsin Posted on September 16, 2019

Avoid the temptation to quickly throw down basic pavers for a new walkway or patio. The material available today offers a lot of decorative options. The addition of stamped concrete can turn a barely noticeable surface into a work of art. The creative approach makes every space more desirable and attention-getting and may even help to increase the value of the home. Here is what all discerning homeowners need to know about stamped concrete.

Affordable Custom Option

Concrete remains one of the most affordable materials for exterior use. Not only is concrete inexpensive to install but the material is durable. Finished concrete projects last for years and stay looking great through heavy use and inclement weather. Stamped concrete in Brookfield WI costs only slightly more than traditional concrete and is the best way to get a custom look while staying on budget.

Simple Product Upkeep

An occasional sweep with a broom and a rinse with a garden hose is usually enough to keep concrete surfaces clean from day-to-day. The colors of stamped concrete may begin to fade over time, but homeowners do not need to worry. Resealing the concrete needs to take place every three or four years. Sealing is a relatively fast and easy task and once complete, the sealant will restore the original color and shine to the concrete. Resealing also helps to prevent cracks and chips in the material.

Upscale Finished Look

Homeowners need to reconsider if they have rejected the idea of a concrete walkway, retaining wall, or patio floor because they worry it will look cheap. Stamped concrete in Brookfield WI looks like high-end stone and can include a range of colors that accentuate nearly any home exterior design. Even better is that the pavers made from concrete have a surface that less curved or uneven than stone and concrete has a naturally textured surface that makes it much less slippery than other materials.

Take the time to design a project for stamped concrete that reflects personal style and creative ability. Concrete makes it affordable enough for nearly any project, and durable enough to withstand the foot traffic from busy families. Visit to learn more or to request an estimate.

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