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What To Know About Backwoods Cigars In The UK

What To Know About Backwoods Cigars In The UK Posted on January 14, 2019

As one of the most popular brands of American cigars, Backwoods cigars are not always easy to find throughout the United Kingdom. To make it easy to purchase Backwoods cigars in the UK in your favorite flavors, finding a top online retailer is the wisest option.

The Company

The Backwoods brand origins in the United States and is owned by Altadis. It is not an old brand of cigars, but since being introduced on the market in 1981, it has developed a following both in North America as well as around the world.

The company uses as western style of packaging and branding, which is very much in keeping with the name. They also keep their products to the use of 100% natural Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. The wrapper is also Broadleaf tobacco, and the cigars are aged and cured at 70% humidity to draw out the natural sweetness and smooth flavor associated with the brand.

The Cigars

While sold as Backwoods cigars in the UK and throughout the rest of the world, these are smoke that uses a short filler tobacco, whereas a traditional cigar typically uses a long filler tobacco. They are more similar to a cigarillo, and are approximately 4 inches long and are classed as a 27 gauge.

These are a machined rolled cigar and are considered a top choice for a casual cigar smoker or when a full sized cigar is not the right match for the occasion. They are uniformly rolled and offer a solid draw and a great smoking experienced.

When buying Backwoods cigars in the UK, smokers can choose between the original Wild and Mild, to the slightly bolder and more robust flavor of the Maduro style. Flavors include honey and honey berry, Sweet Aromatic, Black n’ Sweet and honey bourbon.

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