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What to Know about School Bus Rentals

What to Know about School Bus Rentals Posted on June 22, 2018

Are you planning an outing or excursion with a significant number of attendees? Whether it’s a mission trip Texas, a group trip for a weekend at a casino, or something else, you’ll need to arrange for transportation. That can be quite challenging when it comes to handling a lot of people, but there are options. One of those is to consider school bus rentals. What should you know about them?


One of the most common reasons to choose to rent a school bus (or more than one) is the pure affordability coupled with the ability to get a lot of people from one point to another. School buses are more affordable than luxury buses, party buses, or deluxe motor coaches, and ensure that there’s space for just about everyone who needs to go.

No Frills

It’s important to understand that school bus rentals are well suited for specific needs. For instance, they’re better for large groups that need to travel around 150 miles or less. They’re also better for those who don’t need any luxuries. For instance, they do not come with bathrooms onboard, so stops will need to be planned for passengers to use the restroom. They also are not equipped with much in the way of entertainment features or other luxury touches. With that being said, for those on a budget with no real need for luxury, they make an excellent option.

Plenty of Seating

Another excellent reason to consider renting a school bus is that these vehicles have plenty of seating. A single bus can seat up to 65 children or 44 adults. That means even large groups might only need one or two buses, further driving down costs and ensuring that more of your budget can be used toward enjoying activities at your destination.

Standard Features

Most school buses come equipped with standard features that will help keep your group comfortable and safe on the road. For instance, they’re equipped with heat, and air conditioning is sometimes available. They are also equipped with a radio, and there is a PA system built in for easy communication with the entire group at once.

At Great American Charters, we offer a wide range of rental options, including school bus rentals. We invite you to contact us today at 800-578-8595 to learn more about your options.

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