What to Look for in a 3rd Party Logistics Company?

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Moving freight effectively is much more than simply getting your load from point A and Point B. The process is far more complex in today’s transportation industry. A leading 3rd party logistics company has the state-of-the-art tools and high standards needed to move your freight safely, within budget and on time either across the nation or across the state.

Today’s top 3rd party logistics companies utilize software such as Omnitracs mobile communications to help their customers to efficiently move products. With this technology, a trucking company can easily give you pinpoint locations of your shipments. The company will strive to ensure that your business’s supply chains are continuously maintained and that your logistics are optimized.

Decrease Costs and Improve Customer Service
One important feature of software such as Omnitracs is that it can help reduce business disruptions stemming from violations by enabling you to adhere to new and changing regulations. In addition to assisting with compliance, the software is designed to plan and optimize the most efficient delivery routes, thus decreasing fleet costs and ultimately improving customer service. With this resource, you can make smart business decisions through leveraging big data.

Other Qualities
When you have products on the road, your biggest concern naturally is whether these assets are secure and in good hands. A company that utilizes Omnitracs will ensure that your freight is sound and that the individuals transporting it are adhering to the highest safety standards. With this software, you can maximize your driver and vehicle performance to decrease costs and boost margins. The Omnitracs transportation management system will further allow you to share loads among partners who can be trusted as well as manage your operations in a manner fitting for today’s new transportation landscape.

Look for a 3rd party logistics that is focused on providing you with the right resources. The main goal is to protect your freight. A high quality company with experience in the industry should have a track record of accomplishing these goals for its customers over the years. With such a provider you can have confidence about the safe and efficient transport of your materials and assets.

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