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When do I Need an Underground Utilities Contractor?

When do I Need an Underground Utilities Contractor? Posted on December 31, 2015

After a long, wet winter, many homeowners have properties in need of serious upgrade and repair. If you’re facing sewer problems, leakage or backup, it may be time to get in touch with a Jacksonville underground utilities contractor.

What are Underground Utilities?
Underground utilities are the buried lines under your property. Depending on the utility services in your area, this will include water, sanitation and sewage, and storm drainage. You may also have buried electrical, phone, and fiber optic internet lines in your area: a utilities contractor or specialist can help you determine where your lines are located!

When to Call a Contractor
Jacksonville utilities contractors provide a wide variety of services, but perhaps most important is buried utility location. Remember, no matter how minor the work you’re doing, always call before you dig to avoid hitting buried lines! An underground utilities contractor like Vallencourt Inc. will help you locate and mark any nearby buried lines. Contractors also offer repair and installation services, including:

  • Storm drain installation and repair
  • Water service and pipeline installation, leak location, and repair
  • Sewer, sump pump, and septic tank installation and repair
  • Planning, consulting and compliance services.

If you’re managing a large worksite, some contractors will help ensure you meet ADA (American Disabilities Act) workplace standards.

What to Look for in a Contractor
As with any service provider, not all utilities contractors are created equal. To avoid unscrupulous contractors, make sure you check the basics.

  • Appropriate licensing. All Florida contractors are required to obtain a certified contractor’s license, and may need other licenses depending on the work they’re doing. You can check the listings of registered contractors in your state and city at
  • Work history. Job history, portfolio and reviews are an important part of a contractor’s reputation. Angie’s List cautions against hiring a contractor with no portfolio, or one who seems reluctant to disclose their work history. The best contractors will be proud to advertise their good work.
  • Transparent estimate and invoicing. Any good contractor will offer you an itemized estimate, with no hidden fees on the final invoice. Be wary of contractors who charge for an estimate: most reputable workers will be happy to survey your property for free.

Underground utility work is a necessity in any development or repair project, from complicated installation to simple line location. Only trust the best with your property and your services!

For a free estimate and consult in the Jacksonville area, contact Vallencourt contractors to asses buried utilities needs!

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