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Which Retractable Trouble Light Should You Buy?

Which Retractable Trouble Light Should You Buy? Posted on February 20, 2017

When you need special work lighting, you have a world of options these days. The most basic options include incandescent, fluorescent, and LED retractable trouble light products. Which is the best choice for you? Let’s look at all three options to help you decide.

What is Retractable Lighting?

Suppose you have a portable work light with a 50-foot power cord. It takes several minutes to unwind the cord and place it where you need it. When you finish working, you now have to wind up the cord, so it is safely put away. This is time-consuming and is a safety hazard in some locations.

When you need a great deal of light for working, a cordless light may not give you enough light to see properly. So, what can you do with the cord? Your new retractable trouble light comes with a mechanism that winds and unwinds the power cord with a simple pull on the cord. This feature keeps all that extra cord out-of-the-way and you don’t have to bother with it. Also, you only use the amount of cord you need, so you work safely and efficiently.


Many people overlook the benefits of incandescent portable lighting. Incandescent lights are cheaper than LED and fluorescent. They are not as efficient, but when you use them for short amounts of time, efficiency doesn’t matter so much. Also, bulbs are easy to find and cheap to replace.


LED lighting is cheaper to use. It also puts out less heat. If heat is an issue, you should consider LED.


Fluorescent retractable trouble light features include in-line ballasts. This is more convenient than ballasts in the head, as it makes the light unit smaller. Regardless which model you choose, make sure to go with a trusted name, and buy products with a reputation for quality.

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