Why a Country Club Wedding Is the Best for Your Big Day in Orland Park

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Wedding Venues

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If you are making plans for your wedding, but still have not decided on where to have the big event, then you might want to consider having it at a country club. There are many reasons why this decision makes for the best weddings in Orland Park.

Classic Setting

Many people have grown up in families that had members-only privileges at a local country club. This can lead to the wedding to having an even bigger emotional meaning than just having the wedding at some random location. A time-honored country club is clearly the best choice to say your wedding vows.

One-Stop Location

Everything that you could possibly need is located right at the country club. From rooms to stay to food and alcohol and even a wait staff, you won’t have to shop around for all of your wedding requirements. They can all be found in one location!


Even if you have always wanted an outdoor wedding, but it starts to rain or storm, you will be covered. A country club is a built-in backup plan because you can easily move everything indoors. No matter what the weather decides to do, you will still be able to continue the ceremony.

All Sizes Accepted

While some buildings simply are not equipped to handle a large crowd, a country club definitely is. Some of the best weddings in Orland Park are very large in size, and the country club that you choose will be able to handle it, no questions asked.

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