Why All Companies Should Use a Time and Attendance Service

by | May 4, 2015 | Business, Seo Basics

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Businesses of all sizes, from a family-owned greenhouse with ten employees to a multi-national organization, have one thing in common-;the need for a Time And Attendance Service. All businesses require some method to keep track of employees’ start and stop times. Typical examples range from time clocks to fully-integrated, cloud-based software programs.

Tracking employee attendance manually, and being able to tell at any given moment who is working, who is not working, and who is on vacation or sick leave is a time-consuming process. It also increases the likelihood of errors in data entry and calculation, which are all too often discovered after paychecks have been deposited, if at all. Today, advancements in the technologies of Time And Attendance Service provide the following benefits:

  • Accuracy and Efficiency

  • : Traditional methods of timekeeping are labor-intensive, prone to mistakes, and costly. Resources are spent correcting errors, incurring tax penalties, and resolving legal disputes. Automated time-keeping systems may consist of biometrics such as hand geometry, facial recognition and vein readers, barcode badges, magnetic stripe cards, and touch screens. Automated systems significantly reduce the potential for errors and protect a company from time and payroll fraud.

  • Better Management

  • : An automated system allows employers to manage time and attendance data as well as employee profiles. Managing work shifts, vacations, personal leave times, sick time, and other leaves of absence are integrated into one system. Storage systems can also be cloud-based, so companies never have to worry about losing data. Time tracking systems are invaluable when it comes to complying with labor regulations. Required break times, lunch hours, and proof of attendance are easily documented.

  • Combined Processes

  • : Time and attendance systems such as those provided by companies like Advantage Payroll Services provide the ability to combine attendance data with timesheet generation, and it allows employers to view and edit reports and accommodate a multi-language workforce. Users can also manage payroll and HR processes.

The implementation of an automated time tracking system has the potential to save each manager as much as 40 minutes per week. Time is money, and every amount saved impacts the bottom line. Timekeeping systems are readily modified to meet the individual needs of any particular company, whether it’s a local “mom and pop” or a global operation. Eliminating the need to manually track time, minimizing human errors, and reducing the expense of employee time theft are cost saving benefits for companies of all sizes.

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