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Why Choose Composite Dental Fillings in Chicago?

Why Choose Composite Dental Fillings in Chicago? Posted on April 12, 2021

If a person enjoys smiling, laughing and talking, they may find that their old, silver tooth fillings are a flashing beacon telling others that better care could have been provided for a person’s teeth. However, what if there is a new alternative, which can reduce the appearance of cavities, removing any tell-tale signs that may be present. That alternative is known as Composite Dental Fillings in Chicago.

What is Composite Resin?

Composite resin is a type of filling material that has been specifically designed for restorative dentistry procedures. It has been formulated to match the existing color of a person’s teeth and used for the purpose of fillings, as well as dental bonding of the front teeth.

Innovative Changes in Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

For many years, the only option for dental fillings in Chicago was an amalgam. If a person wanted to keep their teeth as natural appearing as possible, they would have to spend large amounts of money for cosmetic treatments to achieve this look, such as dental crowns. Composite Fillings allows dentists to treat a person’s cavities without the necessity of invasive procedures.

How Composite Fillings Work

A general or a cosmetic dentist has the ability to place a composite filling. The procedure that is used for the placement of a composite resin filling is much more complicated than the traditional amalgam filling and requires the following steps:

• The tooth receiving the filling is isolated from saliva so that it remains dry.

• Air abrasion or a drill is used by the dentist to remove the infected portion of the tooth.

• The composite resin mixture is added in layers over the opening that is created.

• A type of special light is used for the hardening of the resin material.

• Once the tooth is filled, the dentist will shape the resin to resemble a natural tooth.

The process of placing a composite resin restoration requires a bit more time than other options. However, most patients are very satisfied with the results that are achieved.

Additional information about dental fillings is available by taking the time to check out Windy City Family Dental’s website. Learning more about these fillings can help a person determine if it is right for their needs. There is no need to suffer from ugly or noticeable fillings when other options are available. Visit Windy City Family Dental online for more information.

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