Why Dental Implants St George UT Are A Great Solution For Regaining Your Bright Smile

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Dentist

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Tooth loss can happen for many different reasons. Although many people try to keep their teeth as healthy as possible, things like aging, injuries, and a lack of knowledge about proper oral hygiene can lead to tooth loss. If it has happened to you, it’s likely that you understand the myriad problems that can come along as a result. Fortunately, the dental industry has provided you with a number of options to help you restore your smile, one of which is dental implants. Although you may have heard that dental implants are very expensive and take a lot of time to place, there are significant benefits to having dental implants that make them cost-effective options for patients. If you have considered getting dental implants but feel that you need more information about them, keep reading to find out why you may want to move implants to the top of your list of tooth replacement options.

1. The number one reason why dental implants are your best option for tooth replacement is that they have the ability to help you keep your remaining teeth. This is because they help stimulate the jawbone in the area where you lost your tooth. In turn, this helps keep that bone from deteriorating and causing the other teeth in your mouth to shift (which could result in a plethora of other dental issues).

2. Dental Implants St George UT are also a great option because they allow you to keep your other teeth intact. Getting dentures requires you to remove your other teeth, while a bridge requires you to shave down the adjacent teeth to make room for it.

3. A good set of dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime, which makes them quite cost-effective. While every patient’s outcome will be different, it’s possible that you’ll never have to replace your implant if you commit to proper oral care.

Implants St George UT are the premier solution for restoring your smile because they have a unique ability to function just like regular teeth. In fact, you may even forget that there’s a prosthesis in your mouth. If you’re ready for your bright smile to make a comeback, it’s time to call for expert help from Hatch & Jeppson Dental. Browse Site to find out more about how you can finally begin putting the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth behind you with quality implants today.


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