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Why Every Employee Should Be Using an Adjustable Desktop Stand

Why Every Employee Should Be Using an Adjustable Desktop Stand Posted on January 18, 2016

A growing number of organizations are now choosing to install an adjustable desktop stand in each workstation for their employees rather than the conventional “sit at your desk” desktop. Through the use of these stands, employees have the option of standing or sitting at any time throughout the day. But apart from having greater flexibility, there are other important benefits to this type of desktop.

Sitting Is Killing Us

Did you know that the average American sits for over half of his or her waking hours? It has been estimated that we spend thirteen hours a day on average working, driving, watching television and surfing the ‘net. Studies have proven that the more we stand, the longer we will live.

Standing Reduces Aches, Pain and Strain

It is not uncommon for an employee to begin to suffer from back pain and muscular aches when they near the mid-point of their work shift. This is often due to the excess pressure placed on the body due to sitting, poor posture, and other issues that come with sitting for a prolonged period of time.

When employees are able to stand, they are able to stretch out and let the body resume a natural position. This can go a long way in reducing or completely eliminating aches and pains that you may feel while working and after your shift. By standing, you:

  • Increase blood flow to the muscles
  • Take pressure off of your spine
  • Strengthen your back and core muscles

Most individuals who start using an adjustable desktop stand find an almost immediate increase in their feeling of health and well-being. Many aching symptoms are instantly eliminated, and other more chronic issues dissipate over time.

Standing Means More Energy

Another reason organizations are choosing to install the adjustable desktop stand is that standing helps prevent fatigue and boosts energy levels. This means that your employees will be happier and more productive than if they were forced to sit all day long. Studies have also shown that when we stand, our creative thinking abilities are heightened and we are able to come up with better solutions to work problems.

Standing Means Losing Weight

It is no secret that sitting all day is causing our waistlines to expand. Research has shown that when we sit down, the enzyme that is responsible for burning fat stops working, meaning that your metabolism comes to a grinding halt.

When you stand at your desk, you can burn up to sixty calories more each hour than an employee who is sitting, meaning that just by standing during your shift you can burn up to 480 calories extra every day. Sitting for an extended period of time also places a lot of pressure on our hips and buttocks, which, over time, causes them to expand and increase in size.

Organizations are choosing to install the adjustable desktop stand which helps prevent fatigue and boosts energy levels. Contact us for order your adjustable desktop stand.

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