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Why is employee recognition so important?

Why is employee recognition so important? Posted on June 29, 2016

Employee Recognition Programs are informal, timely, or formal acknowledgments of a team or person’s behavior, business result or effort which supports the company’s values and goals, and which clearly has been beyond usual expectations.

To really be effective in your job, you must comprehend the psychology of praising other people for their great work, to apply the principles of worker recognition yourself and encourage other people to initiate it within their working relationships.

Appreciation includes a basic human need. Workers respond to appreciation that is expressed through recognition of their great work because it’ll confirm that their work is valued. As workers and their duties are valued, their productivity and satisfaction increases, and they’re motivated to improve or maintain their great work.

Recognition and praise are vital to an exceptional workplace. Individuals want to be valued and respected for their contributions. Everyone will feel the need to be recognized as a member of a group or individual and feel a sense of accomplishment for work well done or for a valiant effort. Everybody desires a ‘pat on the back’ in order to make them feel great.

There are two components to employee recognition. The first component includes actually seeing, identifying or realizing a chance to praise someone. If you aren’t within a receptive frame of mind you easily can pass over many of these types of opportunities. All too frequently this happens. The other component of employee recognition is the physical action of doing something to praise and acknowledge individuals for their great work.

Secondly, worker recognition has a massive communication aspect! Recognizing individuals for their great work will send a very powerful message to a recipient, the work team and other workers through formal communication channels and the grapevine. Therefore, worker recognition includes a potent communication method.

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