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Why Many Commercial Property Owners Depend on Parking Garage Experts in Chicago, IL

Why Many Commercial Property Owners Depend on Parking Garage Experts in Chicago, IL Posted on February 19, 2019

Parking garages are common in cities like Chicago where space is limited. Many garages were built decades ago as city planners realized they had nowhere to go but up if they wanted to provide shoppers, residents, and workers with more convenient parking. Many of the first parking garages included features and designs that made them iconic, but most of those have been demolished and replaced with newer models. However, property owners with more recently built garages often chose to have them remodeled to make them more attractive and extend their usable lives.

Renovated Parking Garages Increase Curb Appeal

Property owners often hire parking garage experts in Chicago IL to renovate structures that look shabby next to newer buildings. Parking garages get an exceptional amount of wear and tear since they are exposed to the elements. Depending on the materials used to build them, garages can last 30 to 40 years. During those decades, the buildings they serve are often renovated, making garages look like eyesores. Contractors can give garages facelifts, so they blend with other structures.

Contractors Can Add Modern Improvements

During renovations, parking garage experts in Chicago IL also get a chance to improve structures using materials and technology that may not have been available when they were constructed. For example, contractors can implement cement reinforcement technologies that make garages safer and more durable. Technicians may reinforce structures by placing modern steel reinforcements in the concrete instead of using the older method of using rebar in wet concrete. Updated methods of reinforcing concrete help prevent it from cracking due to the weight of heavy traffic.

Remodeling Increases a Garage’s Functionality

Clients who want to improve parking garage functions often check out and schedule estimates for renovations. Contractors will improve waterproofing systems to prevent damage that can weaken structures. Upgraded waterproofing extends the functional life of garages. During restoration work, contractors can repair cracked cement by replacing single cords and pouring cement around them. The process offers cosmetic enhancements while improving structures.

Building owners often hire specialty contractors to renovate parking garages. Contractors can improve a garages’ looks and make them stronger using advanced construction methods. They also improve parking garage waterproofing systems and repair cement.

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