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Why People Opt for Dental Implant Treatment Rather than Other Options

Why People Opt for Dental Implant Treatment Rather than Other Options Posted on January 31, 2018

One of the few reasons as to why people opt for a dental implant treatment rather than other dental choices is because implants are more aesthetically pleasing. Whether you have 1 missing tooth or several, dental implants is a great option if a dentist thinks you’re a good candidate for this procedure. With dental implants you will be able to eat comfortably and not worry about cracking a tooth. Another reason people elect for implants is they look like a natural tooth. If you’re looking for the service of dental implants in Charleston SC, you can find a reputable dental professional who can produce beautiful implants that look astonishingly realistic because of the highest quality materials they use.

Dental Implant Process
If you’re facing a tooth loss or are missing several teeth, you need to consult with a dentist. During the consultation, a dental professional will examine your mouth and consult with you about your medical history. By taking this stance, a dentist can determine if dental implants are the best solution for your specific dental needs. Normally, dental implants are used to treat some cases of tooth loss. In addition, a dentist expert will carry-out a careful assessment and only recommend a dental implant procedure if they feel it is suitable for you. In moving forward with the dental implant process a dentist will take a CT scan, x-rays, and possibly take photographs as well as dental impressions. The procedure to insert 1 dental implant is quick and in most cases can be completed within an hour. With local anesthetic you are able to be relaxed and comfortable during the treatment. If you need more than 1 implant the procedure can take a little longer and additional sedation is provided. After the dental implants are set in place the healing process begins and typically takes around 3 months.

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants
With the proper care, your dental implants can last for a very long time. Brushing and flossing on a regular basis is of importance in order to keep the implants clean. Keep in mind to visit a dental professional for hygiene and regular checkups. Just because you have lost some of your natural teeth don’t mean you shouldn’t see a dentist. A dentist can keep a close-eye on the dental implants as well as your overall oral health.

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