Why Would An Application For Disability Benefits Be Denied?

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Attorney

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Applying for Social Security disability benefits can prove to be confusing and frustrating and approval, if granted in the first place, can take months or even years. Don’t lose heart if your initial application is rejected, you are in good company as at least 70 percent of them are. Many applicants initially denied benefits will win their case once it reaches the appeal stage but there is less of a chance if you go it alone, this is when you really need disability lawyers in Tennessee to guide you and help you through the process.

With such a high rate of denial of benefits it can be assumed there must be a great number of reasons that the Social Security Administration rely on. To make things a little easier to understand there are five reasons which are most often given.

   * Insufficient medical date: It is extremely important that your application be supported with your medical records. Even if your records have been submitted with the first application there may be several follow-up requests made by the Administration, they may ask you to take additional tests; they may also ask you to meet with a doctor of their choosing.
   * You neglected to follow your doctor’s orders: If the Administration have reason to believe you did not follow the orders given by your doctor or you failed to carry through with a treatment regimen then you can expect to be denied benefits. There is a far better chance of approval if the Administration sees that you are making an effort to treat your condition.
   * You can’t be found: Obviously if the Administration can’t track you down to ask your questions or get further information you will be denied. When you hire disability lawyers in Tennessee this is a situation that can be avoided as they will deal with the Administration on your behalf; but stay in touch with your lawyers.

   * Your disability won’t last a year: A basic criteria for approval of a Social Security disability benefits claim is time, if your condition will not last for at least one year then you will not be granted benefits.
   * If you are convicted of a crime: If your disability is the result of an action taken while you were committing a crime, you will be denied benefits; you will not receive benefits while you are in prison either.

You will have a far better chance of being approved for benefits if you hire disability lawyers in Tennessee right from the beginning of the application process.

Disability lawyers in Tennessee can help you make application for Social Security disability benefits as well as deal with your case in the event your application is denied. You are invited to contact the Law offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. For more information visit the site miller-drozdowski.com.

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